Saturday, 18 April 2015

randolph hotel fire

Shocked by the fire at the Randolph Hotel yesterday afternoon.

At first it seemed that the fire had been put out rapidly but every so often little flames licked up the side of one of the windows in the mansard roof directly opposite the library. These soon seemed to die away only to reappear a few minutes later. Smoke started to wisp through the tiles. Fierce flames erupted from the top.

The speed of the fire then was terrifying, slates falling from the roof and smoke swirling and thickening.

When the fireman at the top of the tall ladder directed the hose onto the roof it looked as if the thin jet of water was nothing but then there were waterfalls cascading down the walls and you realised just how much water was being pumped out. It was at this point that the decision to close the library building was taken but by the time we were all in the street it was clear that the fire was being brought under control.

I'm pleased to say that the library is open as usual this morning, although several streets remain closed.

Above all, it's wonderful news that everyone was safe. I hope the hotel soon reopens and life there gets back to normal.

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