Sunday, 22 May 2016

potato dibber's annual outing, thames-side roots, lasa nyc, 70,000th pageview

The potato dibber had its annual outing this week - a few days earlier than last year. Ten and a half rows of Desiree, Estima and Kestrel are now sown and ridged up. About the only thing that has been sown so far - late year. Brought back some spinach that had overwintered, though, for Sunday lunch earlier.

Saw the roots growing through the wall yesterday when I was walking to work through St Thomas's. They are reaching into one of the Thames streams that flow through the city. This one passes the remains of Oxford castle just down from where the photo was taken.

Off to my third LASA congress mid-week. This time it's in NYC. Can't wait.

Meantime jtns had its 70,000th pageview the other day.

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