Saturday, 14 May 2016

warm and beautiful day, trust: a family story finished!, logic of the season, sabina murray, valiant gentlemen, cotswolds, kirby hall

A surprisingly warm and beautiful day, after the warnings of precipitous drops in temperature earlier in the week. There is summer-seeming sun and real warmth out of the breeze (at the top of the garden, for example).

Finished editing Trust: A family story this morning. Yes, finished! I can't quite believe that but it's true! While 10k was written back in 1998, I've been working on the other 60k since Easter 2012. And now it's done.

Just the cover to commission.

The book will be published as a limited edition print run of one hundred numbered copies to begin with.

After finishing, I went to the allotment and did some more strimming and ‎forking through. So late to be prepping the ground but I tell myself that I am going with the logic of the season and in places the earth is still sopping.

On Thursday I attended a talk by Sabina Murray at the Kellogg College Centre for Creative Writing. She has written a novel (Valiant Gentlemen) about the humanitarian Sir Roger Casement, who was hanged by the British Government for gun-running for the Irish Nationalists in 1916. It was a wonderful talk - quite mesmerising, in fact - which was followed by a terrific guest dinner at the college and the chance to chat with Sabina and creative writing colleagues.

Took the top two photos in the Cotswolds this afternoon‎. The bottom one is of a tiny watercolour done by a relative in the early twentieth century. It shows Kirby Hall lake with the house in the background. The house, an ancestral home in Yorkshire, was pulled down after the First World War. Only the stable block, a couple of lodges and the mausoleum remain. My parents are buried in the family plot by the mausoleum.

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