Saturday, 18 June 2016

last new york photos, non-stop rain, now stopped, tree peony, oerc and mod langs parties, remain!

Last New York photos.

In west Oxfordshire, it's been pretty much non-stop rain and no allotmenting has been done. Though I am planning to head up there later this afternoon.

In the garden all the petals have been pelted off. The rain has been good for the frog pond, though, which is fuller and clearer. Two water lily flowers are open today too.

I'm pleased that the tree peony has survived the downpours and is in flower. I thought somehow that it was late this year but looking back at previous years' posts (20th June 2015, for example) it is in fact early!

Looking forward to the OeRC tenth anniversary celebrations next week and to the Mod Langs summer party, which ironically happens on the same day as the referendum. Which way will I be voting? As the Ops Manager of the Bodleian's Western and Eastern European Languages libraries that does not remain to be seen. Remain!

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