Saturday, 11 June 2016

new york public library, funding petition, bodleian tie, end of academic year but much to do, allotment tranquillity, facing the strange by sb sweeney

Loved seeing the New York Public Library. In many ways some reading rooms seemed more Oxford than Oxford - at least as seen through their glass doors. I was saddened to learn, though, that the library is having to petition City Hall for funding increases - current levels are below those of 2008, while demand for services is growing.  Why won't governments invest in libraries?

Nice to see a Bodleian tie on sale in the gift shop.

Although the Oxford academic year is ending - for undergraduates, at least - there is much to do at work.

Hooray for the tranquillity of the allotment!

Looking forward to publishing the excellent Facing the Strange by SB Sweeney!

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