Saturday, 9 July 2011

a week of sadness

It has been a week of sadness.

Three friends died this week.

The catastrophic events that have overtaken my family during the last year came to a head this week.

Although I have great sympathy for those who are in trouble, I have had serious concerns about what they were doing for many years. I once wrote an essay explaining what I thought was going wrong and how it might be put right. I have described that essay as an act of love. The essay was largely ignored.

As I said to somebody recently, the way that essay was received made me feel like the boy in the story of the emperor's new clothes.

[23.01.12 and 03.02.12: In the light of recent sad events I have decided to rewrite parts of the above post. I have kept a copy of the original post.]


  1. What an absolute stinker of a week, hopefully Sunday will see productivity at allotment.

  2. Indeed, a bike ride through beautiful west Oxfordshire, followed by time spent weeding the allotment and digging a root or two of spuds will be therapeutic.