Friday, 15 July 2011

wiltshire contd

Loved our walks through the green lanes, along the chalk tracks and through the beautiful villages near Lower Chicksgrove.

Yesterday we had lunch at Howard's House, a very charmingly discrete hotel in Teffont Evias. Discrete because although there is a sign for it on the street this almsot looks as if it belonged to a place that has long-since closed down before becoming a private house. And it feels exactly as if you have the run of someone's private house. An understatedly grand private house, with a beautiful terrace set around a pond--just the place for two ramblers in wellies plus lively fluffy dog.

At the Compasses, one of the times I like best is wandering up the hill to the fields beyond the village after supper. Yesterday this was made special by the full moon. The walk helped me forget the sadness of last week for a time.

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