Saturday, 16 July 2011

soaked, bye bye wiltshire, work

Got soaked cycling this morning. Heaviest rain I can remember for a long while. We were lucky to get all that sunshine in Wiltshire.

A weekend of work ahead.

Meanwhile, here are the last of the Wiltshire photos.

The two church exteriors are St Margaret of Antioch, Chilmark (top) and St Edward, King of the West Saxons, Teffont Magna.

The latter is a lovely little church. It has fragments of a Saxon cross set into the south wall and it is believed that there has been a place of worship in the village since Saxon times. The present building dates from the 13th century and consists of an all-in-one nave and chancel. The interior is distinguished by Victorian box pews, which according to the guidebook indicate that the church 'could be very cold and the sermons long'. The church's name sounds ancient but interestingly dates back to only 1965. Before that the church had no dedication.

Now, to work.

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