Sunday, 1 January 2012

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Good to cycle this morning--very refreshing.

Feeling much better now--my cold has pretty well gone and problems with my left foot that flared up, painfully, the day after our Badbury walk, have almost subsided.

(Incidentally, it was during the first morning on which my cold was noticeably better that the foot trouble started--I couldn't believe it. Minor ailments have just about spanned the whole holiday but come Tuesday, I shall be as fit as a time to go back to work.)

Meanwhile I was looking at my New Year post for last year, which was rather gloomy-looking and downbeat about the future. Listening to the news on the radio today, the outlook for 2012 is much worse, but speaking personally I can't imagine that this year will surpass 2011 in terms of family unhappiness and shock. I certainly hope not. Having said that, 2011 was also marked by love and friendship that more than counteracted the sadness, which I am very grateful for.

I'm looking to the future now.

Have a great 2012!

(Pics taken in Jess' garden 1st January 2012--from top: cavolo nero, hebe, winter salads.)

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