Friday, 20 January 2012


It has been a very sad week. My dad died on Tuesday.

I saw him a few days before. We were all there as a family once again and for me I found that love had hollowed out a space in which to breath and when it was pulled free it filled our world.

On the morning after he died, I saw that the fire we lit when we got back from the hospital was still glowing and I put a log on the embers and kept the fire going throughout the day.

I remember how we all loved sitting by the fire when I was boy.

When my dad judged I was old enough we went to the farmyard and he showed me how to split wood.


  1. Thanks, Rupert. Much appreciated.

  2. All my love Frank. My great grandma died this week too and it does make you realise who and what are important in your life. Am sending a huge hug. x

  3. Thanks very much for sending love, Hannah, and for the huge hug. So sorry to hear about your great grandma. I'm sending a huge hug to you too. You're right about realising what's important. I see too little of friends, for a start. It would be good to meet up. x

  4. Frank, I am sorry to read this. If you ever feel like a get-together/chat after work, just let me know! Best thoughts, Niels

  5. Thanks very much, Niels. That's kind and is much appreciated. Yes, it would be good to meet up.