Saturday, 17 March 2012

rain, flowers, frogs, achy shoulders, filmscript, hollybush

When I got up it was raining, though later the sun came through.

Took these photos in the garden at about 7.15 am. If you click on the pond (puddle) one you should be able to make out some of the masses of frogs that live there. Amorous times there just at the minute.

Loved getting out on the bike after what was a busy week. Lots of typing, what with one thing and another, to the point of making my shoulders ache. So, what do I do to relax--I type a blog.

Meanwhile the online course comes to an end this weekend, which is sad because it's been great fun working with the students. I'm also starting on the next stage of the short filmscript.

Took a break by heading off to Witney on the 19 bus for lunch at the Hollybush. Signs in the pub suggest it's pushing its Twitter account.

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