Saturday, 3 March 2012

that downton abbey time of year again

If I'm not mistaken the Downton Abbey filmcrew have arrived in Bampton early this year.

This could be to shoot scenes against more wintry-looking backgrounds before returning in the spring proper. (Was it just me who thought that Downton and its environs looked remarkably early-summerish throughout the last series, no matter what time of year the script said it was?)

The back streets of Bampton (those mean back streets) are today decked out with bunting, though filming is taking place well out of range of cameraphones in the churchyard and church itself. (You can just catch sight of some becassocked actors by the church in the fourth photo down.) There is a wedding, apparently, though whose it could be escapes me.

Long lenses were out in force.

Meanwhile, what started as a very wintry morning when I went cycling has turned out to be rather fine. I have to say I'm a little tired after a couple of busy weeks and weekends. Just an hour or so more of work to do then I can relax (and head off for pint). Log delivery--the last of the season, I suspect--tomorrow.

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