Monday, 26 March 2012

spring flowers, filmscript, mst cw, podcast

New phone, new camera.

Great to see so much blossom and so many spring flowers coming out. The magnolia, above top, was in neighbouring village of Alvescot and the white violets and gorgeous kingcups were along Calcroft Lane (aka the gated road). The cherry is by the entrance to Bampton Library (aka Downton Cottage Hospital).

Yesterday, when these photos were taken, was beautiful--first brunch on patio.

Finished the dialogue for the short filmscript last week. A fascinating experience--many thanks to James Lawes for giving me the opportunity to work on that.

Meanwhile, lovely to hear from friend from Keble days, who got in touch out of the blue. I haven't seen her since the late 80s but hope to meet soon and catch up.

The MSt in Creative Writing residence took place over the weekend. Enjoyed seeing students and colleagues again. A novelty was being filmed for course podcast. Each person only had 30 seconds to say their bit but that proved challenging--tripped over my words, take one; dried, take two; take three, OK.

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