Monday, 9 April 2012

duxford, violets, shifford lock, tadpole bridge, perspective(?)

A great walk to Duxford and Shifford Lock and back to Tadpole Bridge this morning.

The water-level in the arm of the Thames that passes near Duxford was higher than expected at the ford just to the north of the village, although it was low compared with the winter.

Violets were out in between the ford and the lock.

On the way back we passed through Chimney Meadows--see post of 27th December 2011 for more detailed information about this nature reserve. The land here--and generally on the walk--seemed quite parched and 'late', despite the intermittent light rain, and (as is the case from time to time throughout the year) somewhat melancholy. An atmosphere that was added to by the haunting cry of curlews, which have recently returned to breed.

Glad to have the rest of the week off. The period of getting family matters into perspective continues. Nature helps.


  1. Hi Frank. Nice new makeover. Beautiful photos. Thanks for insights and observations on flora and fauna and matters of the human heart. Time to come clean tho' ... I have enjoyed your postings for some time! Best wishes. Orla (a bygone student).

  2. Great to hear from you Orla. Hope all's well with you!