Sunday, 29 April 2012

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Earlier on Facebook a friend talked about how the overnight rain had pelted off all the blossom on a beloved cherry tree in her garden.

It was with this in mind that I took the above photo of the ground beneath the lovely magnolia by the bus stop in Alvescot when I was out on my bike ride. At the start of the month I photographed the tree's beautiful flowers that had survived a hard frost the night before. They did well to stay fresh throughout nearly the whole month. But last night's wind and rain caused havoc throughout west Oxfordshire, it seems. All part of nature's pattern, I dare say but the devastation felt unduly vicious and depressing somehow, this morning. It had taken all the will I could muster to get out there on the bike. As I pedalled into the wind, which appeared to come at me no matter the direction I was headed, I was confronted by leaves and blossom and twigs strewn across the lanes. In places there were branches down and along the gated road two trees had been felled.

Such a strange year--though they always are in the UK. Nothing is ever as you expect, as far as the weather is concerned!

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