Tuesday, 10 April 2012

sticky clay, sort out, flowering hedge, sunset boulevard

Attempts to fork through the potato strip on the allotment were thwarted by overnight rain. The clay soil was sticky when I went up there at 11 and more rain during the next hour put paid to gardening altogether.

Beautiful light though when the sun broke through, although the day never warmed up.

Went through carrier bags of papers which have been sitting under the bed for ages and found that most were hopelessly out of date and just gathering dust. Still quite a few bags left, even so, not to mention the ones under the spare bed.

Meanwhile, when I gave up gardening and took off on the bike, I found the recently laid hedge was flowering and in leaf--above. A strange sight, really, when you look at the bases of the stems and see that they're all nearly cut through.

Finished watching Sunset Boulevard--fantastic theatre and suspension of disbelief.

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  1. Frank, I hope it is ok to comment, if occasionally. The blog reminds me so much of Ireland ... the hand made hedges, the wide open meadows and beautiful trees, the mists and morning light, the inevitable but necessary rain, and most importantly, the love for the land. I watched John B. Kean's 'The Field' last night. Chilling stuff, indeed. Orla.