Sunday, 5 August 2012

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BBC weather said no rain till 10 am but at 6.30, the rain said, You've got it wrong, mate.

I had to be up early because of work but had hoped for a good cycle like yesterday's--no rain and a lovely clear atmosphere. No such luck. A brief respite when I photographed the brook at the edge of Black Bourton Green but then down it came again. Along Calcroft Lane it was particularly heavy, though you can't actually see the stair-rods in the pic. (For an earlier pic and a couple of vids featuring Calcroft Lane, see posts from 31st December 2010, 10th March 2012 and 11th March 2012.)

Went to the Horse Shoe last night for a pint and saw Jessica Ennis run the 800 metres on the big screen TV. Brilliant. I've not really been following the Games much but that race was amazing to watch. Great to see Greg Rutherford's long-jumping too. There were men down the pub confessing to have shed tears while watching Britain's medal-winners yesterday. Prefaced, of course, by, 'I'm not normally an emotional person...'

Caught two excellent Radio 4 programmes this morning. Jake Arnott's Something Understood piece on narrative and how it enables us to explore and understand the world. And John Gray's salutary but beautifully argued Point of View talk on the economy and the sad truth that, 'The relative security that many people enjoyed in the recent past is fading from memory.'

Over breakfast, I read photographer John Cantlie's gripping and terrifying article in the Sunday Times about being taken prisoner by London jihadists in Syria ten days ago. He was threatened with execution and shot when trying to escape. If you're not a News Int subscriber, you can also hear Cantlie describing his ordeal on R4's Broadcasting House.

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