Saturday, 11 August 2012

summer school, oers, allotment disaster, readings, firework display

The summer school ended last night with a formal dinner in Exeter Hall and the awarding of certificates to the students.

For me, the school was a thoroughly rewarding experience. I very much enjoyed working with all the students. Thanks to them for their enthusiasm, dedication and hard work.

Feeling a little drained today--not least because it's been a busy week at the library. Even so, I've been doing some preparatory work for a research project I'm involved in--tracking down, evaluating, classifying and cataloguing Open Educational Resources (OERs) in Creative Writing. (Btw if you're interested in gadgets and Creative Commons, check out the link to OpenAttribute under JTNS Links--right.)

Now off to allotment to harvest onions and chop down grass (of which there is a great deal). To be honest the allotment has been a disaster this year, as far as most crops are concerned. What's growing is doing really well--it's just that a lot of crops didn't get planted. We're so dependent on little windows of opportunity in between work commitments. When the weather is kind, that's fine but if it's against you--as it has been all this year--you're snookered...

Enjoyed reading from The Lock, Invisible and my new novel yesterday. I think the last of these worked OK, although I need to deepen the characterisations in the first chapter, as well as differentiating the voices more. The audience was great, though. Really supportive.

Meanwhile, saw great burdock, above, and the wonderful firework display of plants and flowers on the old rubbish tip along the Clanfield Road while cycling this morning.

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