Wednesday, 5 September 2012

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Last day of the holiday... Great lunch at the Hollybush's sister pub, the Horseshoes, in Witney. Yesterday, did the Bampton-Black Bourton-Langford walk featured in post of 3rd September 2011--superb lunch at the Bell!

Above are photos from the journeys to and from the South of France. On the way down we stayed in Châlons-en-Champagne (top pic), as mentioned in my first French post below, and Tournon-sur-Rhône (see also, French Wikipedia site). On the way back, it was just Châlons (last three pics)--quite a drive, that one.

The second from top photo shows the bridge between Tournon and Tain-l'Hermitage, which was built by Marc Seguin (the inventor of the wire-cable suspension bridge) in 1849--the first night pic is taken from the bridge itself, looking towards the old castle. This structure was the second Seguin bridge to be built at Tournon. The earlier one (1825) was said to be the first of its type in France (see Bridgemeister). It was converted to a footbridge in 1847 and demolished in the 1960s--for navigational reasons, according to a board on the surviving bridge.

In the background of the daylight photo of the Seguin bridge, can be seen Paul Jaboulet's vineyards. Terrific to catch a glimpse of these, having enjoyed the wine with Christmas lunches.

Tomorrow, the furniture is to be lotted up. Quel dommage.

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