Saturday, 15 September 2012

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Enjoyable pint of Hooky at the Plough at Kelmscott earlier after online teaching and intensive Open Educational Resources (OER) hunting.

Now on bus to Oxford dressed up for Keble gaudy. Can't believe it's four years since the last one. It'll be fun to see everyone again, although it's sad that 1985 English alumni never come back. Indeed quite a few are 'lost'...

Meanwhile, still reeling from busy, busy week at work. Glad I caught up with some sleep on holiday!

During a break from online teaching and OER stuff, I went to the allotment and sprayed off the couch grass. Hated doing this but I've got so behind with everything up there this year, what with the atrocious weather. Still, the spud harvest was good, as were the onion and shallott crops.
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