Sunday, 9 September 2012

energised, cousins from australia, churches, collobrières, sweet chestnuts, huge, huge thanks

Well and truly back to work but feel energised by the holiday and the great weather we've been having this week.

Really enjoyed visit from Australian cousins, Paul and Annette, yesterday. Lovely to catch up, have lunch at Biztro (thanks both) and visit the churches at Black Bourton and Langford (benefiting hugely from the experience of the guides who were there for the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust sponsored bike ride).

Above are photos of our destination in the South of France, Collobrières (see also), a beautiful Medieval town in the wooded hills above St Tropez. The town is overlooked by the ruins of the church of St Pons and has a narrow 12th century bridge leading to the centre, which demands careful driving! Highlights included the red and rosé wines and sweet chestnuts, which featured in preserves, starters, mains, kirs and the local beer. If you'd like to see more photos, they're on Google+. A huge, huge thank you to Rachel for making the holiday possible!


  1. I am reliant on you for the gloriously sombre Oxon skies, not for the blue of today, which I have more than my fill of here ;-)

  2. Ah! Apologies! Back to normal next week!

  3. Great snaps mate, brings out that warmth. keep up the good work.