Saturday, 13 June 2015

stowe careers fair, thirty-eight years, get over it, i am the man who lives in a shoe

Stowe careers fair today, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Lovely to meet the students and to see the school again. Also, looking forward to my complimentary cake!

Can't believe it's a year since the last fair - see post of 15th June 2014.

Over coffee, I caught up with someone I was at school with and hadn't seen for thirty-eight years. Just writing that figure is shocking. Is it really that long since I was at school? Where did those years go? I must try and keep a tighter grip on the next lot :-)

Last year I wrote about what it was like to return to Stowe and face some of the family memories that were triggered. Today was much easier. The family crisis that broke in 2010 and lasted, unbelievably, and excruciatingly, until spring 2014, tainted everything. Now, I feel, I must be getting over it. Talking of which, I've a new working title for what was Trust: A family story - it's I am the Man Who Lives in a Shoe. What do you think? Hope to be doing some more work on the book this coming week.

But now some more work-work - and then, the weekend!

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