Saturday, 20 June 2015

the tree peony, planting courgettes, working on the life-writing book, the enjoyment of decisions, different kinds of memory

I love it when the tree peony flowers. Such beauty.

Before taking the photo, I'd been up the allotment in the drizzle planting out the courgettes, cucumbers and squashes that J has been growing in the cold frame at home. After taking the photo I went cycling. Now it's humid out and I'm hoping that the promised afternoon rain will clear the air.

It's nice to have some time to work on the life-writing book. The last section is made up of relevant posts from jtns and over the past weeks I've been going through all the posts identifying the ones I'm going to use then copying the text. I'm pleased that process is almost over and I'm enjoying some of the technical aspects of putting the book together - making decisions about the order of the different elements and what connective narrative I need to write. But reading through the last five years has sometimes been harrowing. At other times it has brought back lovely memories.

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