Wednesday, 17 June 2015

wio party, alice's door, old friends, unexpected appearances, all at sea

A very enjoyable Writers in Oxford summer party, which was this year held in the Cathedral ‎garden at Christ Church.

An enchanting spot with on the south side the cathedral - which looks tiny from this angle - and, on the north, the doorway from the Deanery garden that so fascinated Alice Liddell and became part of the lore of the real-life story behind Alice in Wonderland. Find out more in this Telegraph article by Tim Richardson from 6th February this year (the 150 anniversary year of the novel):

It was lovely to see old friends and to meet other friends who I hadn't realised were members of WiO.

I hadn't realised too that a fellow author was also a specialist marine photographer. Check out the magnificent photo galleries on her website:

Now on the S1, heading home.


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