Thursday, 25 February 2010

bussing it

This morning I had to drop off a Puerto Rican cookery book at the Central Library and I was boiling in my heavy overcoat when I got back to the Taylor. Things were looking up!

Now on 18 crawling along Woodstock Road (in between sudden leaps forward), damp, cold and shoe-horned into my seat. Am I downhearted? Am I? Am I!

Sort of.

At least I can sit half-across my seat and its twin--it would truly be hell if I had to sit facing forward, knees against my nostrils. Plus, the bus is now racing along A40 (which seems miraculously clear--don't speak too soon!) and the heating feels hotter.

So, after I finish tapping this out, I'll plug in the earphones, select a fav track and listen to whatever Windows Media chooses to shuffle my way--as I drift to sleep, dreaming of this afternoon's Oracle financials training...

...I think I fancy Up the Junction by Squeeze. I remember buying it as a purple 45 when it came out: twice (first one warped when left on Fiesta parcel shelf in the sun then the other got kidnapped because I was playing it so much and driving everyone at Bledisloe Lodge up the wall--never to be seen again). Happy mems.


  1. I wish I knew where my copy of Up The Junction had got to ... but I do still have a pink, 12 inch, Cool for Cats.

  2. Cool for Cats--I remember falling for a girl called Jane to that.

    Collector's item.