Wednesday, 24 February 2010

wednesday night

Sausages are delicious, especially when the gravy's lamb-shank (though the Heinz ketchup made them--sssh, don't tell Jess).

Watched the last few moments of Vanity Fair on DVD earlier--great until you viewed the bonus material and saw what the ending might have been. Cinema one was fun and upbeat but alternative was moving and profound. Ah well, Reese Witherspoon was brill in both.

Maybe it was the film that made me think of the big break up in my own family--some thirteen years ago now. Looking back, the events that caused the breach were so sad and pointless and, as I've written elsewhere, wholly avoidable. I am still astonished in particular at the absence of love then. I wonder what those involved thought they were doing?

Though I suppose nothing human beings do should surprise anybody!


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