Monday, 22 February 2010

monday night

On S1 to Witney, where I'll get a cab home--no direct Bampton buses after 6 pm. Travel home is one of the trickier aspects of living in west Ox when you've stayed in Oxford for the evening.

Falling asleep on the bus, sailing through Witney and ending up in Carterton is another. Typing might just keep me awake.

Nora's farewell party at Carluccio's was fun. Had a couple of things off the set menu including what looked like a really simple salad. It was DElicious! That lettuce and tomato could taste that good. Also always love the Peroni's you can't get anywhere else--Red tonight. Was tempted by the 'vintage', or whatever it's called, but then remembered it's stonkingly strong and I have minutes to finish at work tomorrow morning...

Had really interesting chats with Argentinean and Polish colleagues, neither of whom I knew well before. It was a really lovely evening and Nora seems amazingly happy about her job.

Witney approaching... Time for a zzz...

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