Sunday, 21 February 2010

sunday night

Getting up at 5 this morning was better than expected. Felt clear-headed, surprisingly, and excited to be up. The radio progs were new--a bit religiousy but some weren't. Fascinating bio of George Papandreou which included his brother's vivid memories of day soldiers stormed the family home when they were boys. Said to be traumatic--it would be.

That sun rose well before 7 made all the difference to my mood during the rest of the day. Having said that, lighter mornings all this week should have cheered me up but didn't. Am aware that I've been moody...

Disappointed that Neil Spencer's horoscopes for this week haven't appeared on Guardian website all day. We can't all be clairvoyant!

Where does the time go, though?

Looking forward to Nora's leaving do at Carluccio's tomorrow night.

(Why does Window's spellchecker always query 'website'!--you invented the flamin' things...Practically :--))

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