Tuesday, 1 May 2012

swan at radcot, cold ipa, spice, narrowboat, morris, red house

Met friends at the Swan at Radcot this evening. A great pint of Green King IPA, chilled smoothflow version--'great' to my great surprise (not something I would try usually). Actually thought it tasted better than the ordinary. GK IPA's got a full enough flavour to withstand the cold--in fact the chilling seems to bring out its spiciness. Loved the new-look bar at the Swan too--though it's been like it for about a year, so they said.

Afterwards we visited our friends' narrowboat, which isn't going anywhere just now because of the high water level. Wonderful, standing in the boat and staring out at the river which, because of the perspective, seems almost at the windowsill. As we left, the mist was rising on the meadows.

A better end to the day, as far as the weather was concerned. This morning it was odd seeing the Morris dancers in front of St John's--and later in the Ashmolean courtyard (the first time the dancing has happened there, it seems)--in the pouring rain. Well done them for their perseverance.

Really enjoyed listening to the Mark Haddon interview on Radio 4's Front Row this evening--he was talking about his new novel The Red House, which is due out later this month.

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