Saturday, 29 March 2014

bright, misty, allotment, really warm, tables and chairs, novella

Cycled this morning when it was bright and clear in some places and still misty in others.

Later I went to the allotment for the first time this year - apart from when I had to re-felt part of the shed roof in the middle of the winter. The ground remains pretty wet under the surface, although I was able to tackle the rather unsightly heap of old dug-out couch grass roots that I've built up over a couple of years. I shook the roots free of soil and bagged them up - they'll be taken to the tip tomorrow - before levelling the mound of fine soil.

It's a beautiful day - really warm now.

Back at the house I took the table and chairs at the top of the garden off their bricks and brushed them down. Then I got the other table and its chairs out of the shed and brought them to the patio by the house. The set at the top of the garden is made from ship's timbers and survives outside (so long as the legs are up on bricks) whereas the one for the patio is less robust.

During the week, I did more work on the novella. Great to be working on it.

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