Saturday, 8 March 2014

warm sun, bees buzzing, more tutes, getting strength back, eagle and child, blackcurrant mild, sawlogs

Yesterday I ate my sandwich hastily, reading up for the next meeting between munches, in St Giles' churchyard en route from the Latin American Centre to the Radcliffe Science Library.

It was the first time this spring that there had been real warmth in the sun. I looked up at the blossom on a cherry tree and there were bees buzzing.

A grey start today with some fine rain but it's nevertheless significantly warmer and there is a much more hopeful feel to the air.

Earlier, when I walked up the garden to the woodshed, the frogs were already swimming about in the pond - and this was 5.45 am.

In Oxford now for the last assignment tutes.

A nice end to a working week that has been frantically busy - something not helped by me feeling under the weather still. Though since Thursday I've been getting my strength back.

Met up with friends at the Eagle and Child after work last night. A lovely evening. Delicious venison, pork and red wine sausages - accompanied by blackcurrant mild (surprisingly good).

Photo of sawlogs taken on the Oxford canal about an hour ago.
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