Saturday, 15 March 2014

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New Blackberry.

Wanted a Q10 because of the keyboard, as much as anything else. I can't get on with the virtual kind.

I was surprised that EE couldn't get me a Q10 and that their independent partners couldn't either. Vodafone came up trumps, though, so I've switched to them.

Rather more virtual features than the Bold but they are well thought-through and I love the improved keyboard and the bigger screen.

I was also able to transfer my calendar across easily, which was a huge relief. Compatibility problems have meant I've had to do this manually when changing smartphones in the past.

Meanwhile, some gorgeous weather this week, which has made me feel much better. Still not right but greatly improved on last weekend.

Btw just had an email reminding me of the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing blog. Well worth checking out - obviously:  

Saw this clump of snowdrops near Weald (the hamlet on the Clanfield edge of Bampton) when cycling this morning.

Frank Egerton


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