Monday, 3 March 2014

water subsiding, moss and lichens, stop-go spring, corrected edition of a conscious englishman, oclw podcasts, birds' nests

The flood waters are subsiding, although grass and crops look sick and moss and lichens are thriving on gates, walls and trees.

Days alternate between beautiful spring sunshine and more heavy showers.

This stop-go spring raises the spirits then lowers them.

Some sort of low-grade flu the past week hasn't helped matters.

Still, good things are happening.  Working on the corrected edition of Margaret Keeping's A Conscious Englishman, which StreetBooks will be publishing very soon.

I was also delighted to receive an email on Friday reminding me of the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing podcast archive. There are lots of treats to be had and soon this term's Weinrebe Lectures will be added, so you will be able to listen to that Teddy St Aubyn interview.

Top photo btw shows two birds' nests from our garden, which now live in a basket in the passage between the kitchen and sitting-room. There was lovely spring sunlight streaming through the windows that day - Saturday.

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