Saturday, 28 March 2015

bug, village pump, dh/cw, trust: a family story, shiver, record, allotment

Had some sort of stomach bug that started not long after I'd written last week's post.

Knocked me for six, although I did get to Oxford for my meetings with the students on Sunday. When I was back home, though, I slept for nearly all the rest of the day. Have since heard of a number of people going down with the same thing. Has taken quite a long time to feel right - not quite there yet in fact.

Enjoyed cycling this morning. Took the photos above at Broadwell. I've passed the village pump countless times but have never till now tried to photograph it.

Continuing to develop the Digital Humanities/creative writing project. Also working on Trust: A family story - assembling material that I want to quote from, including relevant posts from jtns. It's quite strange reading through the BlogBooker PDF of all the posts since 2010 and seeing how the nightmare that detonated in my life almost as soon as I started writing it was reflected in the posts. Sometimes what I'm reading sends a shiver down my spine - but I'm glad I kept writing the blog and have a record of what I was living through.

Catching up with admin today and thinking about that allotment! If it hadn't been raining today I would have liked to get up there and start work.

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