Saturday, 21 March 2015

frog spawn, daffodils, bloomin cold, stop-go spring, mst res, now you know by brian nisbet book launch

There is frog spawn in the pond at the top of the garden.

There are daffodils out around the bases of the lime trees on the opposite side of the street.

It was still bloomin cold, though, when I went cycling early this morning.

Very stop-go, spring is.

This weekend it's the MSt in Creative Writing residence.  It will be great to see the students.

Looking forward to the launch of Now You Know by Brian Nisbet, a former student on the Diploma course. A wonderful man. The event, which will include music, readings and refreshments, is at Rewley House on Thursday 9th April from 4-6 pm.

'One of the most urbane, talented and erudite students I have ever taught... with a passionate hunger for poetry, language and ideas.' Jenny Lewis: Musician, Poet, Playwright; Tutor, Oxford University's Diploma in Creative Writing.

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