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Most of this blog's 600 plus posts are about day to day things - highlights from the previous week, books read, places visited - together with photos of what I've seen. There are some, though, that deal with a difficult subject - obsessional emotional and economic abuse that went on for several decades and that came to a head in autumn 2010. Writing jtns became in part a way of coping with the consequences of what happened and exploring them openly. This aspect of the blog is discussed in JTNS, An Introduction and Life-Writing Talk, with Reference to Trust: A family story. Now that the pain of the past years is easing (after many false dawns, when I thought it had finally passed), the frequency of the posts is lessening and in 2020, when jtns will be ten years old, they will stop. I hope that you enjoy the photos and reading the happier posts (the majority) and take a little from them. Frank, October 2018

Sunday, 29 March 2015

downton series six

It was on Thursday 22nd April 2010 that I posted about a new TV series that was being filmed in Bampton called Downton Abbey. Since then, that and my one or two other Downton posts have received more hits than any others on jtns.

Now it's the last series. No more will the little tell-tale magenta signs appear on speed limit signposts. No more will we turn out to watch the filming.

Also, as we don't have a TV, we have established a tradition of watching the latest Downton boxed set each Christmas. Christmases just won't be the same after 2015!

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