Saturday, 7 March 2015

wolvercote reindeer, anuario americanista europeo, natalia revuelta, cw-dh, master's res, 12 degrees c

Delighted to say that the canal towpath from Wolvercote is now dry enough to walk along without picking up acres of mud. Though an unexpected pair of reindeer greeted me as I crossed the bridge from Wolvercote Green at the beginning of the week.

Also loving cycling again!

The Anuario Americanista Europeo, mentioned last week, is now out. The whole issue dedicated to scholarly articles on the Digital Humanities and Latin American Studies.

On a related theme, there's a fascinating obituary in the Times today of Natalia Revuelta, the wealthy socialite who espoused Fidel Castro's revolution, became his mistress and was the mother of his daughter, Alina. For those who don't have access beyond the paywall, see the Washington Post obit.

Continuing to work on the creative writing Digital Humanities project and beginning preparations for the master's residence in a fortnight's time.

Temperature today forecast to hit 12 degrees C. Yey!

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