Saturday, 12 March 2016

misty, frog spawn, wild west roads, john mcgahern, ballsbridge buggy, crane

A misty cycle ride. Very chilly too, especially on the hands.

Hope the frog spawn in the pond is OK. The first lot was sighted a few weeks back (Sunday 21st February) but over the last couple of days the main clumps have been appearing. As you approach the pond, there a terrific swishing and splashing. When you reach it they've gone into hiding.

Because it's been so warm, the blanket weed stayed throughout the winter and had started to get a hold. But now the frogs are about in large numbers it's almost disappeared. Do they eat it?

As I think I once said on jtns, our village always reminds me of an Irish cattle town that has been plonked on the western edge of Oxfordshire. Well, now we've got the roads - exactly like they used to be in the wild west around Leenane, say, before the EU money came and all the improvements. Forget Downton Abbey, you could film a John McGahern here.

Fine, the potholes, if you've got a Chelsea Tractor - or a Ballsbridge Buggy, even (thanks, Irish Times, for that one!) - but when you've got a normal-sized hatchback, you're in there and the tarmac's above the roof.

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