Friday, 25 March 2016

twenty-four hour flu, strange days, forward, ladybird, shaky fence, wolf hall

That twenty-four hour flu that affected colleagues during Hilary term finally got me on Wednesday. Well, at least I didn't have to work in the attic, sorting through papers that day!

It has been a strange few days, though, sorting-wise. I've gone through files that have been stashed since we arrived here. And other docs and papers that I stopped sorting around the time of my parents' bankruptcy.

That was when all time stopped, really. Perhaps it is only now that things are actually starting to go forward again.

Today was beautiful. The sunlight was different to any we've seen this year. Butterflies, bees - and ladybirds - were out. Including this ladybird on our garden fence just outside the back door. The bright light on the shell is the sun.

The fence I built thirteen years ago and that J painted to make it last longer a couple of years back. The fence is a little shaky in places these days. But then so are we!

Watching Wolf Hall on DVD when we have our late lunch in front of the log fire, as the advancing afternoon begins to chill. A mesmeric, slow-burn of a series. Utterly captivated - fascinated - now we've reached episode three.

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