Saturday, 19 March 2016

stalled spring, lichens, clanfield tavern, irish peated ale, mst in creative writing residence

Walked cross-country to Clanfield. A thin day, with a unforgiving chill breeze. It's as if the promise of spring has stalled on a day like today - the grey light emphasising the picked-clean bareness of the landscape. Yet there is plenty of fresh green growth waiting for sunlight to show it off.

The lichens were bright.

We, and the dog, sat in front of the blazing log fire at the Clanfield Tavern. An intriguing pint of Marston's Revionist Irish Peated Ale. Pleasant and refreshing, although I rather agree with this review.

The weekend of the MSt in Creative Writing residence. Looking forward to my meetings with the students I'm supervising. Then a few days' time off to look forward to. Allotmenting mostly.

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