Sunday, 27 March 2016

sunlight, fleeting storm clouds, 'a flying day', katherine mansfield society, bluebells, marsh marigolds, happy easter!!!

The threatened rain held off this morning and I enjoyed cycling. True, the return journey, being blown back along the Clanfield road by the gale, was better than the one out, but the sunlight, sometimes broken by fleeting storm clouds, was always wonderful.

The weather made me think of Katherine Mansfield's short story Bank Holiday and the lines: 'It is a flying day, half sun, half wind. When the sun goes in a shadow flies over; when it comes out again it is fiery.' Which must have been about a day that occurred later in the year, though this morning there was real warmth in the sun.

(While looking for a copy of the Mansfield story, I came across the Katherine Mansfield Society website, which looks well worth a visit.)

The bluebells are in flower at the top of the garden beyond the pond and the marsh marigolds are out in the ditch alongside Calcroft Lane.

Happy Easter!!!

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