Saturday, 9 April 2011

dibber, spuds, eucalyptus and what the butler saw

It's that time of year again.

Went up to allotment early, dug the last bit of spud ground and planted eleven rows.

Cara, Charlotte, Estima and Kestrel.

The sunny weather has been a gift as far as preparing the soil has been concerned. Plus not having to concentrate on Writers in Oxford literary festival things has meant I can get on with digging in late March/early April for the first time in, what, seven years?

Funnily enough we met up with our friends Carol and Steve last night--it was Carol who gave us the brilliant potato dibber in the photos. It belonged to her dad.

We shared a table with them at a rehearsed reading of Joe Orton's play What the Butler Saw at the village hall. Such a wacky play. And very nicely done--produced by neighbour Trevor Milne-Day.

Was intrigued by how strongly the shadow of the eucalyptus came out in the more general photo.


  1. Plot to the left looks as if true enthusiasts have been at work!

    Never try to keep up with allotment neighbours. ;-(

  2. Yes, absolutely. That's Matthew's plot, who is very much the 'Father' of the allotments and who has helped out with the loan of a rotavator when time ran out in the past. He is also a wonderful Morris musician and historian!