Sunday, 24 April 2011

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Happy Easter!

Bampton continues to enjoy amazingly sunny weather. The last couple of nights, after midnight, I've sat out on our tiny patio and read in the light from the kitchen window, every now and then sipping wine or gazing at the stars. I can't ever remember an April like this.

We had a great picnic on the banks of the Thames just below William Morris' manor at Kelmscott on Good Friday. Not far, in fact, from where the two main characters in Invisible picnic and argue. Fortunately, life didn't imitate fiction.

Meanwhile, the Downton Abbey sets have been packed up for a bit and the wonderful red charabanc--seen from the churchyard above--has been loaded onto its artic and driven home.

Enjoy today--and the bank holiday, if you're in the UK!

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