Wednesday, 20 April 2011

woodstock, blenheim rules, shifford insect lodge

Stayed in Woodstock last night. Had supper at a pub that was an intriguing mix of traditional English and downtown midwest USA.

Tried to get into Blenheim grounds this morning to do walk we did years ago. But when Jess showed her RHS card she was told that 'Blenheim rules' mean that only the RHS member can enter the grounds for free. The second person has to pay over £11.

Decided to return to Bampton and have a drink in the garden at the Trout at Tadpole, then walk to Shifford lock. Not before, though, calling in at the Woodstock Bookshop ( to ask if they would be interested in stocking Invisible. Rachel Phipps said yes, which is great!

On the way to the bookshop we passed Brotherton's, where I used to work as barman back in the 80s.

Along the Thames path to Shifford, we saw a swallow, some reed buntings and a cormorant, and heard some reed warblers. Loved the bulrushes above and the fascinating insect lodge at Shifford lock.

Extraordinarily hot today--certainly didn't feel like April.

A terrific day--though spoilt at various times by the never-ending family problems.

Some behind-the-scenes photos of Downton Abbey filming tomorrow.

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