Sunday, 10 April 2011

oxford lit fest, a book for all and none, sheep

Went to the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival yesterday to hear my MSt in Creative Writing boss, Clare Morgan, talk about her forthcoming novel, A Book for All and None (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, ISBN 978-0-297-86373-1).

She was appearing with Catherine Hall and Simon Lelic and the event was chaired by Rachel Hore.
An enjoyable hour of readings and discussions about writing, editing, writing about historical figures and the importance of a sense of place in fiction.

Getting to the event meant a lot of running in sweltering heat. The Park & Ride bus dropped me in a completely different place to where I'd been expecting, with only minutes to go before the event started. When did they change the route!

Bought a copy of Clare's book, which has its official launch in June.

First lie-in for a few weeks this morning. Cycle before late breakfast. Liked bucolic scene by moat-looking thing down by Tadpole Bridge, which I photographed last on what felt like the first day of spring at the start of the year.

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