Wednesday, 20 April 2011

downton abbey, the wall, mr whicher

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Well, the Downton Abbey filming is over for the time being.

This time a beautiful red charabanc was unloaded from the back of an artic--the series being fascinating not just for its stars and plot but for its vehicles and set decoration.

One major event that got people in Bampton wondering recently was the collapse of a substantial section of stone wall. Sadly it fell on top of our friends' car and caused a lot of damage but I have to confess that my next thought after being concerned for our friends was what were the film-makers going to do now. What the film-makers did appears in one the photos above, though one wouldn't have known there had been any problems once the prop was put up.

Amazing to see streets clear of cars, which are usually bumper-to-bumper.

An old man told me once how he could remember when the first car started being parked in our street and how it had been the only one for several years.

Meanwhile, another film shot partly in Bampton, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, goes out on ITV at 9 pm, Easter Monday.

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