Saturday, 30 March 2013

bitter wind, sun, in pursuit of spring, book reviews, richard jefferies, daffs and scillas

The wind was much more bitter this morning, even though there was much more sun. The only time I felt warm was when I was standing by the bin outside the back door, opening up the bag of birdseed about to top up the feeder. At that precise point there was no wind and the sun on my back was hot. A few steps towards the bird feeder, though, and the wind whistled and it was freezing again.

Loving listening to In Pursuit of Spring--listen again on the iPlayer: One; Two. Last episode goes out tomorrow at 2.45 pm.

Shocked to learn that Edward Thomas wrote some 1,300 book reviews--over one million words--in his short life (makes my 100 book reviews, extending to some 40,000 words seem pretty feeble).

Episode Two is very interesting on the great Richard Jefferies, amongst other subjects.

Saw these lovely daffodils and scillas in what looks like something of a 'wilderness' opposite a very Jane Austenish big house in Kencot, west Oxfordshire.

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  1. I'm so much enjoying the In Pursuit of Spring broadcasts and trying to blog on the book (dealing OK with mild disappointment that they cut me out of the programme.) How well it reads aloud - Robert MacFarlane doing a fine job and Richard Emeny talking his usual good sense.
    It's been decidedly warmer in Oxford today- saw embryonic primroses on the gradually improving Aston's Eyot - the former Victorian dump for Oxford rubbish.