Sunday, 10 March 2013

brrr!, almond blossom, king cups, guardian books blog, disputed land by tim pears, the next day

Can't believe it's forecast to be only one degree above freezing tomorrow. I was quite getting into the comparatively balmy temperatures of a few days ago.

Some signs of spring, nevertheless. Spring is late, though. Saw the almond blossom above out on an Oxford street midweek and was thrilled to see the first king cups out in a ditch along Calcroft Lane.

Oxford full term ends this week but as far as creative writing courses are concerned, it's business as usual till almost Easter.

Was really pleased that A Conscious Englishman by Margaret Keeping got a terrific mention in the Guardian Books Blog last Tuesday. Btw you can now follow StreetBooks on Twitter.

Yesterday, I started reading Tim Pears' 2011 novel Disputed Land, which is set in a big house in Shropshire and is told from the point of view of a perceptive 13-year-old boy called Theo (they grow up so fast these days!). It's a great read!

Meanwhile, I haven't looked forward to a new David Bowie album so much since Scary Monsters!

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  1. I'm very keen on on Tim Pears so I'll look out for Disputed Land.
    His child characters in 'Landed' were remarkable, and his writing on the countryside of borderlands like Shropshire.