Saturday, 16 March 2013

cold, wet, brightbox good but 3g useless, disputed land, a conscious englishman, maconochie, multitrack

House is really chilly today, even though the central heating is on. The east wind whizzes through the ground floor from outside door to outside door. I'm maybe also tired from a busy week. Plus I got soaked cycling this morning. As the above photo shows, the floods are back. It doesn't take much to top up the water table it seems.

Looking forward to catching up on some sleep tomorrow and the early part of the week. Time off. Yippee.

Meanwhile, EE's new wireless router arrived this morning--a BrightBox. Have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I imagined myself spending hours setting the thing up, much of the time trying to get hold of the support centre. But all was fine--really easy to install and much easier to connect to with the computer than the old one. Signal strength in furthest away parts of the house is much better too. If only I could be as positive about the experience of EE's 3G coverage in parts of west Oxfordshire--between Standlake and Eynsham especially. The signal is far worse now than it was before Christmas.

Continuing to enjoy Tim Pears' Disputed Land. It's a joy to read. Even managed to stay awake long enough to read five or so pages every night this week. A rare occurrence these days. OK, 'stay awake' is a bit of an exaggeration--the book does have crumpled corners from when it fell onto the floor as I dozed off--but each time I started reading again and got to the end of the next section. Must be good.

Talking of good books (A Conscious Englishman), do have a look at author Margaret Keeping's Wednesday blog post, which not only has a recipe for 'Making good, fresh Maconochie' (a First World War soup prepared by British soldiers in the trenches--well, not necessarily to everyone's taste) but, under 'Publishing news' (at the bottom of the page), a lovely quote from Robert Macfarlane and mention of enquiries about foreign rights.

Lastly (but not leastly, I hope), I've posted a draft of the first chapter of my new novel on my website. The working title is, Multitrack.

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