Sunday, 24 March 2013

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Spring? It's nearly April and there's an easterly wind and patches of snow on the ground. The temperature is barely above freezing and the outlook for Easter is hardly any better...

The only cheerful sight on our walk near North Leigh last Tuesday was a bank of periwinkle in a green lane (top photo). The plants must have escaped from a garden or been introduced but were lovely to come across. The photo of St Peter and St Paul's, Broadwell was taken when cycling this morning--compare this with the ones I posted on Sunday 3rd February, when the countryside seemed on the verge of spring. Some beautiful colours in the landscape, nevertheless, like the burgundy willow stems in a hedge along the gated road, Calcroft Lane.

Talking of spring and Easter, I'm looking forward to three programmes about Edward Thomas as prose writer, entitled In Pursuit of Spring, the first of which will be broadcast on Radio 4 on Good Friday at 3.30 pm.

Ordinarily, I'd be working on the allotment over Easter but it's been so long since I've been able to do anything up there that I've almost forgotten where it is. Still, last year's spuds and onions are keeping well and bring back memories of better times.

A weekend of creative writing work--MSt and online courses. Rewarding.

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  1. So true about the allotment - we even forgot our allotment AGM, so out of sight out of mind it's been.
    Our broadbeans are getting lanky indoors - I know they should be OK outdoors but just can't trust it.